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Tool Box Little Dutch

Tool Box Little Dutch

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This wooden tool box is ideal for cool kids who like to help at home with carpentry, screwing and all kinds of chores around the house. The tool box contains various working tools (20 pcs) such as a screwdriver, a hammer, blots, etc. The tool box guarantees a lot of fun for every little handyman in the house.


This wooden tool box is ideal for cool kids who like to help at home with carpentry, screwing and all kinds of chores around the house. The tool box contains various working tools (20 pcs) such as a screwdriver, a hammer, blots, etc. The tool box guarantees a lot of fun for every little handyman in the house.

Material: Wood, child-friendly water-based paint.
Size: 25 x 12cm.
Age: +3.
Content: 1 hammer, 1 wrench, 1 screwdriver, 4 bolts, 4 screws, 2 nails, 2 blocks with holes, 4 junction strips (short and long).

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