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New products

Duo Puzzle "Flowers & Butterflies" Little Dutch
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Duo Puzzle "Flowers &...


Help the baby animals and insects find their parent! Where are the baby bunnies of mama bunny? Can you match the baby whale with its dad? Have you seen little goose’s nest of little chicks? This cute puzzle features our beautifull illustrations of animals and their little ones on cardboard puzzle pieces. A perfect size for your little one! There are 10 matches to...

Backpack "Sailor's Bay" Little Dutch
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Backpack "Sailor's Bay"...


This cute backpack is ideal for school adventures or a family visit. It’s eco-friendly and made of 10 recycled pet bottles. The shoulder straps are adjustable and can be supported by fastening the chest strap. On the inside you can find two elastic bands to hold water bottles so they won't spill. There is also a special compartment to protect your kid's artwork...

Toobelt Little Dutch
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Toobelt Little Dutch


Strap on your tool belt and put your tools to use! There are so many things to build and fix in the house. With your own tape measure, pliers, box cutter, file and coping saw you have all the essential tools you need for little construction projects. Toddlers love to copy their parents and mimic everything they do. This adjustable pretend play tool belt inspires...