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Bath & Care

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Lotus Bath Thermometer Coral Béaba

Lotus Bath Thermometer...


Check your baby's bath temperature with this beautiful thermometer. Also, the fun lotus shaped design makes it an attractive feature in any nursery when used as room thermometer. It floats in the bath, making bath time playful.

Toiletry Pouch Grey Béaba

Toiletry Pouch Grey Béaba


This toiletry bag, suitable from birth, is definitely a must-have when choosing the basic equipment for your baby's hygiene, with multiple storage components. The set contains nine important accessories for baby care: bath thermometer, digital thermometer, nail scissors, nail clippers, hairbrush, teething ring, baby toothbrush, nasal aspirator and nail file.

Minidoo Manual Baby Nasal Aspirator Béaba

Minidoo Manual Baby Nasal...


This evolutive baby nasal aspirator comes with different tips as baby grows older and functions by aspiration: regulation of force according to child's nasal blockage. The nasal aspirator has a filter so there is no risk of mucus contamination and each tip can be removed to be sterilised. This aspirator features two adaptable tips: one from 0 to 3 months and the...